Oral Cancer Screening and Brush Biopsy

Oral cancer is a serious condition that can have disastrous consequences if it is not diagnosed in its early stages. Certain risk factors such as age, consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes, and chewing tobacco can increase one’s risk for developing oral cancer. Because the delayed diagnosis of oral cancer lesions is a major reason for why they are so deadly, early diagnosis is imperative. We recommend annual cancer exams for low-risk patients and bi-annual examination for patients with risk factors. An oral cancer screening is a very safe and comfortable procedure. If a suspicious lesion is detected during an examination, a simple biopsy can be done to determine if it is cancerous. Dr. Ferraro and Dr. Hicklin utilize traditional biopsy techniques as well as a brush biopsy technique to aid in the early diagnosis of potentially cancerous lesions.

For more information regarding the “brush biopsy” technique, please visit: www.sopreventable.com