Welcome To Your Free Healing – See Instructions Below

Dear Family, Friends and Clients, it is Susan Hutchins here. Throughout the years many of you know me through the seminars I have taught on Healing the Body Naturally at Extreme Health with Harv Eker or Mega Youngevity with Mark Victor Hansen, or you may have read my books on health and spiritual well-being or have had a Live Blood Cell Analysis with me. I have also been studying the Human Energy Field now for over 35 years. My God given gifts have enabled me to help many back on their road to their health and well-being. However, many of you are not aware of the whole spectrum from which I work. My spiritual healing work has taken on a whole new level. That is why it is now necessary for me to offer all the spiritual healing work I do for free or love donations. It is time for the Greater Works as spoken of by Jesus John 14:12 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall you do also and greater works than these shall you do.” No one should have to suffer needlessly because they don’t have enough money or they have been drained of all their resources.

Everyone can now take advantage of the opportunity to have their health and wellness restored. What I offer is not in conflict with anyone’s religion or faith. That is why from this point forward I am offering my healings for free so everyone has this opportunity. Children and pets will always be free of charge and adults can offer a love donation. There has to be some means of energy exchange here for all of this to come into balance. I have set up a paypal account for those that can give a love donation, however, if you are without means no one will be turned away. The email address at PayPal for love donations is: miraculoushealings@gmail.comThe testimonials are for others to read so they will be encouraged that they to can be healed. I will post them with the other testimonials on this site. Please forward this website to your entire data base so everyone has a chance to recieve the healings.

Here is what I require to do the healings.

Send your request to: miraculoushealings@gmail.com

1. Your full name and birthdate
2. The condition you are dealing with.
3. A testimonial sent to my email address miraculoushealings@gmail.com
4. If you have a picture please send it.

For Pets:
1. Pets full name and birthdate or month as close as possible
2. The condition your pet is dealing with.
3. A testimonial of the healing sent to miraculoushealings@gmail.com  
4. If you have a picture please send it.  

Video Healing Meditation temporarily unavailable.

Instructions for beginning your healing and clearing meditation.

  1. Write out clear and specific concerns you want to clear and heal on all levels of your body. After writing these and doing the meditation please burn this, symbolizing your release of the past.
  2. Write out what you are going to feel like, be like, when these concerns are no longer in your life. You have to have a Plan of what it is you truly want to experience without these concerns in your life. Be specific again. These are going to be your focus from this point forward.
  3. Get real comfortable, make sure there are no distractions or interruptions while you do this meditation.
  4. When I do this meditation with you can include family members, friends in the healing process, however our primary work is about healing you and your past, so you know longer carry the past into the present.
  5. All you have to do is listen and follow my words and you will get there. I will be sending this healing around our planet and to all the souls on this planet that would choose to receive healing.
  6. The meditation takes about 17-20 minutes. You can repeat this any time you wish with outstanding results. Blessings and share with me your experiences and testimonials.

Many Blessings in Health, Joy and Peace to you and your families all over the World. Susan Hutchins.