Susan Hutchins
Expert – Author – Medical Intuitive –Coach- Teacher – Healer

Rev. Susan Hutchins, Minister, Author, Medical Intuitive, Certified Iridologist, Certified Microscopist, Kinesiologist, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Teacher/Trainer, Theta Healing Practitioner, Medical Hypnotherapist.

METHODOLOGIES AND TECHNIQUES– Susan has studied the healing power of herbs for over 30 years. She first trained with the renowned teacher, leading herbalist and nutritionist Dr. Benard Jensen (known as the Father of Iridology) and researchers and authors Glenda Fielen and Harri Wolf. Her studies continued with leading herbalists and nutritionists from around the world. In 1982 Susan founded Advanced Health Technology, a cutting edge health and nutrition consulting practice utilizing her expertise in herbs, iridology and kinesiology. In 1995, Susan authored a training manual on the integrated use of herbs and herbal combination for Enrich International herbal company. Susan is also a certified Hanna Kroeger Practitioner. Most recently Susan has studied the Orion Technique, also known as DNA-Theta Healing. This powerful work originated with and is taught by Vianna Stibal, international speaker, teacher, author and trainer. 

EXPERT – A renowned author, lecturer, radio & TV personality and international consultant. Susan developed The Health Factor, the first computerized eye analysis to relate to the body systems. With over 25 years of research in the Human Energy Field, Susan’s knowledge of the ancient healing technologies, as well as her contribution in educating her audience in the understanding of how the eliminative channels contribute to total health. Susan is also a teacher/trainer of the Art of Nutritional Muscle Response Testing (Applied Kinesiology), which helps students in identifying the precise herbs in order to take charge of individual health issues. As a skilled specialist on herbs and alternative health technologies Susan is a frequently requested expert panelist. She has worked with Dr. Gordon Pederson, PhD and Dr. Barry May, MD. It was her privilege and honor to appear with the late Dr. John Lee, leading world expert on the effects of Natural Progesterone.

Susan is also a skilled Microscopic Live Blood Cell Analyst. Susan was trained by Dr. Rodney Ray who has done over 60,000 live blood cell analysis to date. Live Blood Cell Analysis enables the skilled microscopist to see how well the body is breaking down proteins, sugars, carbohydrates and fats. When the proper amounts of enzymes, antioxidants and minerals are present, the blood chemistry becomes balanced which reduces the risk factors for disease.

Susan has studied many leading-edge energy/healing techniques. In 1995 Susan’s work in the area of “energy/healing” began with the publication of her book Divine Tune-ups: Keys to Awakening the Soul. As a teacher of metaphysical principles, Susan’s work is grounded in the belief that complete healing takes place not just physically, but also, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When this work is complete the physical body is able to retain a natural state of wellness. As originator and master teacher, Susan brings forward her lifetime of experience with the techniques and methodologies of energy/healing. Transcendence Healing is the intersection of quantum physics and “mind power”. The results are what she terms, Transcendence Healing,” the bridge connecting science with spirituality.

AUTHOR – Committed to helping others live longer, feel better and stay younger, Susan authored the following books: Recipes to Wellness: A simple effective everyday guide for Well-being. Divine Tune-ups: Keys to Awakening the Soul. Audio books include: Become Your Own Guru:A guided Theta healing meditation. The 30 Most Asked Herbal Questions with Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. These informative cassettes outline an easy step-by-step plan to wellness. Susan’s Mind Power Anthology has 6 cassettes, featuring Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and other dynamic speakers, leaders and motivational trainers.

TEACHER – With over 30 years of her own personal research, Susan is a wealth of knowledge. Susan has works as a professional speaker and educator as well as having an alternative health and nutritional consulting practice. Susan is an ordained minister since 1993 from the Agape Center of Higher Learning in Las Vegas. She has performed numerous marriages and is a practicing Metaphysician. Susan has counseled and helped thousands of clients regain and retain their health and well being using herbs, supplements and alternative healing modalities. She also consults with traditional and alternative health practitioners, including chiropractors and massage therapists to assist in the identification of the root causes of persistent/chronic health issues. Her teaching ability enables her students to easily understand and simplify how herbs work in the body.

“Susan has the power to captivate and draw in her audiences. She connects with her audience, concepts and ideas that inspire and motivate them into action. When an audience hears her speak it is as though she is talking to each person directly. They feel her heart and know what she speaks is touching them in ways few others can. The audience is left with the knowledge that they can apply instantly into their lives. You must not miss the opportunity to hear her speak. ” Scottsdale Community College, Arizona

Susan has taught at Scottsdale Community College in her commitment to advancing healing arts allowing individuals and professionals to take their own healing to a new level. Susan recently was a presenter at Harv Eker’s Extreme Health in Irvine, CA for the second time . Susan also was a featured speaker on Mark Victor Hansen’s “Mega Youngevity Webinaire 2008.” Susan most recently appeared on “The Really Useful Show” with Ken Krell an internet radio show. Susan currently works at Cooper Nutrition in Carefree and Scottsdale, Arizona.