Susan’ s Personal Story

As a child I suffered through numerous health concerns, and spent much of my time in doors, sick with colds, earaches, coughs, you name it.  My Mother was at odds as to help me so I became the poster child for penicilin and all the myiacin drugs.  At age 20 I was given my last dose of penicilin and nearly died from the adverse affects of years of using this drug.  I was told I should never use the drug again or I would surely die.  That became the good and the bad news for me.  Having had my first child, I did not want her to have the same health conditions I suffered. That began my search for another way to heal my body and that of my family.  At that time I was introduced to God’s Pharmacy,  the natural use of healing herbs.  You might say that day I began a Magnificient Obsession with natural medicine.  I began using the healing herbs with my children and they stayed well.  It did not take me long to learn I was in the minority of women who took this path.  It did not matter, I knew in my heart it was truth. 

When both of my parents died of cancer and my brother died of a heart attack, I said, ENOUGH!  I am going to make sure this never happens to my other family members.  I am the mother of 7 beautiful children that are now adults, and I have five grandchildren.  All of my family have benefited from my knowledge about health.  They do not get sick, they do not get diseases; they stay well naturally.  I want all of you to be the benefactors of this healing I am providing.  I am your friend and I promise to share the information I have been providing for my clients for over 35 years.

ARE YOU REALLY READY TO BE WELL?  I truly hope so because you are about to receive the most  powerful healing work I have been blessed to receive to date.  My work has always been to end the suffering and disease we have been experiencing since we came to  Earth.  Not only will be healing ourselves and disconnecting discordant frequencies from ourselves we will be healing our beloved Mother Earth.  I know I am just the facilitator in doing this work, and I know that I am following Divine Guidance in doing this for as many who choose to receive this healing and clearing.  To finally experience Heaven on Earth and live in a state of peace and harmony without the ravages of disease, war, hunger, greed and despair.  Now we have to teach ourselves that this is truly our Divine destiny.  May the blessings of these healings center in your heart and bless everyone in our communities, churches and the World.

As your friend and confidant, I will provide you information to improve your life and maybe even save your life.  This information has proven results that have been consistent over and over again for years now.

What I have been sharing for years, doctors don’t even know about or can’t talk about without fear of losing their license. What a scam we have going to keep you from the truth about your health and wellbeing.  You will know more about healing yourself and your families from this point forward. 

We all know heart attacks, cancer, diabetes and numerous diseases to many to mention, are plaguing our society.  Are you really ready for changes that can prevent you and your family from having these conditions?

I never want any of you to receive bad news; that is why I am making these Free Healings available for you and your family and pets.

I am looking forward to receiving your emails and testimonials.


Blessings in Health and Wellness!

Susan Hutchins