“Susan Hutchins is a great, inspiring teacher, who’ll help you feel better, look better, and do better.  If you or your loved ones have any health issues, don’t miss this opportunity to hear Susan and gather her information.”
Mark Victor Hansen
Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”
Newport Beach, California

“Susan creates a simply way to understand how to create a health program that works.  Anyone who has ever spent money on Health Seminars, books, products, or services would greatly benefit from Susan’s books and health programs.  With her, you have access to thousands of resources.”
T. Harv Eker,
Author of #1 NY Times Best seller
“Millionaire Mind” and Extreme Health
Scottsdale, Arizona

“Susan has more knowledge about natural medicine and the human body than most doctors do. Susan is the most valuable resource that every human being should experience.  I consider her a friend and a source of powerful health information.”
Dr. Barry May, OB-GYN
Orange County, California

“Susan is a “Wealth of Knowledge.”  Her expertise and willingness to share her knowledge has been incredible help to me and my patients.  I truly appreciate all of her help and support.”
Dr. Hillary Storm, DC
Oyster Bay, New York

“It is such a joy to find a “master” in the health care world.  Susan is a wellness data base.  She consistently has the solution to each and every problem.  It is a privilege to have her and her wisdom on your team.”
Dr.Bob Hoffman, DC
Oyster Bay, New York

“A truly enlightening and informative seminar that was not only inspirational but double the people came the next month.  People keep asking.  ‘When is the Herb Lady coming back?’”
Susan Nork, The Natural Body
Charlotte, North Carolina

“Susan Hutchins is a master teacher.  She is dedicated and caring, and her knowledge of herbs and natural health is unsurpassed.  She is articulate when discussing any health issues and her explanation are so clear that even a layman can understand.  Susan is a wonderful resource for those who want good health.”
Tom and Sandra Rosseter
Atlanta, Georgia



I met this incredible women (name withheld for privacy) in a working relationship several weeks before an insignificant day her friend introduced me as a “business colleague” .   A few weeks later and the same evening we spoke, I found out she was stage 3 ovarian cancer.  I cried for hours…  the first fifteen minutes when we spoke, the rest by myself.   She complained of a UTI or bladder infection and a close friend said she “knew she’d be fine”….  A visit to the doctor had her rushed to emergency and our bond unified.   Something so routine had a 52 year old young woman scared beyond belief.

I neglect to use caps as they make me sad – – – stressing the now and (to her) not the future.  This was two years ago and she has won the battle up until the last stages… clinical trials (when chemo stops working).

As God has looked after us, this evening after class I spoke with her.  She is so gentle when with her beloved doggies (Dakota and North) and asked me if I’d be in town through October to possibly watch her pups and the house while she makes arrangements to take her last few trips while feeling well.

The last round of chemo was so dreadful and painful yet she wouldn’t speak of it unless asked/quizzed.  The strength is admirable… growing up as it were, studying at law school and defending so many causes that still stand, this incredible woman lives and breathes her will – – – leaving everything to her canine foundation.

I asked her to follow your instructions and listen to the voice within her center… that of which she was created.

I can only pray and hope she understands.  I ask you to send her what you can within a blessing or healing energies.  I love my dear friend and know her life (as ours) has such significant meaning.

My heart-felt wishes always,





Dear God…  I’m just spinning around in circles (good ones).

Spoke with my friend  a few minutes ago who had a routine PET scan this morning.  (for the first time in 2.5 years) They found NO tumors on four areas where they had previously been and had been increasing.  I’m just mystified.  I’m thankful and I’m unclear on the next step as my friend isn’t the type to believe in things as we do. 

Gathering my thoughts.  I’m thinking of you as I did the day we met, 9/11, and your energy and solidarity.

I can’t thank you enough.





Angel Susan,

Thank you so much.  I actually feel so much better already.  I could feel the self-sabotaging energy falling away as I read the affirmations.  I will be using these daily, if not hourly…ha…ha

Thank you so much and I sing your praises….

Blessings, Kathy, Los Angeles



Susan has performed many miracles with Christ performing them through her.  She has helped our family numerous times with our health and other issues.  We admire her and thank her for all she has done for us in improving and prolonging our lives.  May Susan be richly blessed.

Dave, from Kansas